the working outfit..

Low Luv, Erin Wasson necklace
 I am between jobs right now and busy getting my act together (even if I rather sew, design, sew) anyways, I have been stressing what to wear lately, keeping busy between so many interviews and trials that I have been wearing most favorite outfits twice.

With nothing left for this half day 'trial' I slabbed on a 2707 white tunic mini dress-works well with leggings and my old cream colored vest-thank god, and my soft Malorie shoes from House of Harlow, a pair of snake skin printed leggings and a rag and shag cardigan, it's from Temt but I keep referring it to that name..my Marc Jacobs sunnies didn't make it to the interview but well kept in the bag and well used afterwards. Another meet-up tomorrow and then I'll know if this job is the best one (I keep turning them down as if nothing really feels really good enough, with that said I have to see it for what it is, a job)..

I'll keep you posted:-)xx V


the job..

Wearing what? Vintage china coat, from my thrift adventure last week (Cuba Street) Purple/Black stockings from Farmers, high waist button skirt from Tiger of Sweden, Black shirt from Glassons, Jewelry Alkemie Whistle, Rhinestone vintage leather ballerinas are from ebay..

The weather and my mood goes hand in hand and this is a particularly lovely day, even tough the 'always present' wind makes it hard to have any decent hair due or type of smooth silky shiny hair. I am just saying that since no photos shows that conditioned sheen that I'm after or is it time for a hair cut and some drastic changes? Ever since I set foot here in this sea town of mine I have been busy job hunting. 

It's hard being the new one and I have done several 'floor' trials hating the fact that the 'boss' wants to see my ability without me knowing anything about the stocks position and the fit of them, I have been using so much imagination that half would be enough and it's been well successful, then it comes down to me not being sure if that job is perfect or not, should I try this one instead..so it's been a miss match of different clothing brands and locations lately and I almost feel like I would be better off with the job offer I had as I started off..hm..well, the Easter has brought a well deserved break and then suddenly my birthday turned up, and here I am on a Saturday morning blogging when I should lay in bed eating cake and thinking about what I actually did with my life or the years that has passed..ha, the blogging is slightly more appealing. I will however crawl back soon just to get one last spooning with my husband...

Have a great Easter to you all and give and receive.."lots of candy and eggs" xx V


elisanero boots..clog on

So here I am, obsessed again and asking myself "why am I browsing around finding myself in a need for yet another wardrobe must" .Well, Elisanero 90 Woven Calf Hair Boots are well worth day dreaming about, chunky wood heels, the perfect braided and distressed leather (I imagine them to be so soft ) the price however leaves little to my imagination except all the travels and weekends away I could do instead of trooping around in this pair? But can you imagine all those weekends in them?

Desire is an unfortunate state for my bare wallet.  
xx V


my haute hippie..

Finally it arrived, after missing the post guy with 15 minutes I ended up calling and re sending the parcel to another shop, it's so much to get used to in a new place, anyways..I got it!

The sun's out and I am busy unpacking a million boxes while planning little adventures like romantic bicycle rides along this new found coastline of mine..I can't wait to get more acquainted with this bay town, saying hi to the local dairy owner, smiling at the fish and chip family and reading up on the dive and surf club across the street. I love the sea, the rough weathered houses and the fresh brisk air streaming in over the waves bringing smells reminiscing of summer days and seaweed. I was wearing my new haute hippie looped cardigan with rag doll effects, can't help loving it and eager pairing it with all sorts of outfits, printed dresses, clean basics and all my leggings, it's simply fantastic and so soft. I'm wearing Low Luv Erin Wasson's new jewelry collection, I have been in the hunt for a new fedora with a small barrette perhaps cream, grey or well black goes with everything, right? I did settle for a Charlie Chaplin looking design..mm don't we just love new pieces in the wardrobe and yes, good weather for that matter.

Hope that the sun is shining on you too..xx V


temt me..

As I watch the weather go from still sea and blushing summer mornings to a less attractive yet somewhat romantic ice pale southerly winds, finding it's way through all my little patches and holes and rain so heavy and wet that plants and most trees bows poligthly under it's weight. In this mood and spirit I'm wearing sand, beige and nude tones to neutrally enter this Autumn with grace. 
It's with slight sorrow that I see my easy-living wardrobe tucked away, outfits like cotton tunics paired with leather sandals used to do the job. 

Layering is a god send and I have been adding my new Temt cardigan to almost every piece in my wardrobe, even my Rag and Bone knit dress has been worn with it..just planning to swap this wide belt that does nothing or very little to my fashion sense except perhaps making sense (by keeping this knit closed and well wrapped up that is)
xx V 


yeti me..

I have been browsing for a fur vest for some time now, as I started off wanting something mid length perfect to pair with my new Rag & Bone knit dress and a pair of leather leggings I have completely fallen for extra hairy coats and accessories..yeti jackets, vests, coats with a remiss of my mom's old 'moon boots' and much (then) laughed at and perhaps even repulsed. It's been converted into 'my want list', not that the list grows any smaller even tough hearty visitors of I am Folklore probably noticed that bone and animal jewelry has been on that list too. I recently got myself a Erin Wasson version of a small pelvis, or is it something else? 
I'm loving it nether the less, deserve it, yes..

xx V (share a yeti find, would love to know where you've bought yours?)


Skulls and antlers..

As death becomes us, it seems like everywhere I look there's a little skull in a sparkly, shined up sort of presentation reminiscing life or perhaps the lack of it. I only taught that Pamela was single capturing these poor little creators heads, paws, claws and spines but as the has gone viral and seems to pread like wildfire there is now plenty of options (to my joy since I'm running a bit late wearing something like this) 
Tom Binns has made some pretty little 'skull jewelry', earrings, bracelets and necklaces..
I had a look at 'fineartamerica' and found a jewelry designer besides Tom B and Pamela Love that makes very skull jewelry, Michael Doyle. I have also fallen in love with mini antlers, well anything deer designed for that matter and could imagine pairing it wildly with pearls and vintage necklaces of different kinds, shapes and lengths. You can browse around Etsy, they have a great selection skull jewelry, little raven heads, teeth and anything bony and 'pretty & vintage' looking..

Happy Hunting..xx V


wolly weekend's..

My fav Indian socks, picked up in Manali (actually, everyone at home got a pair by mail, different colors and shapes)..'brings back memories from when we where motorbiking in the Himalayas'
Still getting use to wearing my vintage engagement ring and the little wedding band..

Nothing beats a cheese toast and milk, really makes me feel like I'm home again, going through my mom's refrigerator in that magic after school hour between 3 and 4..

Being fashionable and warm doesn't really go hand in hand, and when it comes to taste and the ability to pair a simple outfit together, I have failed miserably. When buying a pair of 'non zip' pants on a recent sale at Millers in the taught that they would look great as 'sicilian' rolled up fisherman style pants I must have been out of my mind. Then comes the over size and very well knitted Norsewood sweater, don't get me wrong, it's a popular brand here in New Zealand and perfect for a 'wolly weekend' but as I stole this off my husband, how could I think that I would look 'young girlfriend' appealing all snuggled up in it?

Instead there was a sort of 'old lady' no taste vibe about the whole outfit and even tough there's no fancy event to go tough and I don't actually have to care.. it sits so deep in me, the need of feeling 'well coordinated' and sort of proud of my appearance. Maybe this weekend placed in the outskirts of another outskirt will be a real remedy. While browsing in my vintage and much adored Adidas bag I found my Club Monaco sheepskin gloves..that, at the very least is warm and 'lovely' in the same breath..

P.S. I'm loving that my husbands parents home is 'primped out', in a 70's let's keep it this way sort of style. The thick carpets, the quirky animal statues and brown velour coaches, the stain glass slightly shaped, thick and yellow which reminds me of rain, it was all simply to adorable to pass on..

Keep warm out there..xx V