temt me..

As I watch the weather go from still sea and blushing summer mornings to a less attractive yet somewhat romantic ice pale southerly winds, finding it's way through all my little patches and holes and rain so heavy and wet that plants and most trees bows poligthly under it's weight. In this mood and spirit I'm wearing sand, beige and nude tones to neutrally enter this Autumn with grace. 
It's with slight sorrow that I see my easy-living wardrobe tucked away, outfits like cotton tunics paired with leather sandals used to do the job. 

Layering is a god send and I have been adding my new Temt cardigan to almost every piece in my wardrobe, even my Rag and Bone knit dress has been worn with it..just planning to swap this wide belt that does nothing or very little to my fashion sense except perhaps making sense (by keeping this knit closed and well wrapped up that is)
xx V 

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