my velvet piece..

I got the job! After interviews, floor trials and sweaty last minute 'running to different buses' and getting the hang of brand my new city life. Moving from Christchurch has been a little bit of a journey itself, living at my husbands parents sharing everything from dinners to embarrassing toilet visits. I have loved and loathed it, most of the time loving it with excitement about our new future. With a home, a place where I can fit my little Bernina (sewing machine) and all my messy patterns and needles I couldn't help to indulge myself in a new collection, this one just as farmers romantic and country extravagant as I want it. There is a few hick ups where I've ended up re-cutting and altering an entire garment or sighing over scalloped edges that looks like the work of a two year old. When the Prince and Kate got married last Friday I enjoyed dressing up and joined my husbands brother and wife (god, we all sound old but their just 25!) anyways, I wore my new piece, a velvet baby doll dress that I am eager to also make in raw linen and white cotton so that it will go great with a sun tan and braided hair and roman accessories.. 

Love to get some feedback on it!