my nautical beach collection...

Today is the day, this morning I got the first three garments out of a lot of 7 back from the dressmaker. Ever since she waved me goodbye (carrying another lot of fabric that I want to use for a quilt jacket) I have been busy making additional changes and notes on these styles and still trying to get this 'beach styles/what I'm wearing on a Sunday' collection together. The paper bag shorts still needs a braided belt or rope and pockets, the dome feels a bit big and needs to be moved plus lining should be in cream/polka dots, oh and the fabric more of a cream cotton twill. Would love your thoughts so far....xoxo Alice

Acne shoes from Oak...

Cardigan, Knit: Haute Hippie nude
Jeans: Karen Zambos Couture (Levis Strauss with a tweak)
Shoes: Acne

I got my Acne booties from Oaknyc, or New Oak as it amusingly said on the box. I'm pairing them with my realitivly new Karen Zambos jeans 'which actually is a pair of vintage Levis' and my favorite Haute Hippie Cardigan. I got two good news, the three samples that I approved looks amazing and I can't wait to receive the whole batch this Friday, my dressmaker promised that the entire collection would be finished this week, yay, and the second good news, receiving my very own pair of these adored Acne booties:-)...can anything beat the fresh smell of leather in a new pair of shoes?..


all wrapped in Jorge...

I am heading off to my allied (and much adored) dressmaker tomorrow, to approve some of the first samples that I'm currently working on. A sort of beach, 'hang out on a Sunday' collection with scattered wave and space prints and in cozy velour too. Finally I'm working on some pieces that I would wear day in day out, (like the paper bag high waist pants in a cream Calico fabric, they look so pretty). In the meantime I'm keeping warm wearing Jorge. I found this Australian label on a random shopping spree in Wellington, at a Surf shop of all places and got this hoodie and a zip wrap jacket that has been worn to pieces. Do you have a favorite garment like this?...would love to know. T-shirts tend to be that way...Have a great start of the week guys! xx Alice


Ash to Ashes

I am working on our backyard today, not the most glamours job but loving the contrast from designing to digging and I can't help thinking about everything and everyone as I dig, paint and scrub in the mist of mud. Back to my wardrobe clear out which is occurring somewhere in between all those things. My Ash shoes (which I love, but admittedly they've always been a bit small, just like my Hasbeens) must go..Toss or take, in the toss/sell somewhere pile for now...Have a great day out there..xx Alice


they way I wear Marlene...

Shirt underneath: Save the Queen
Tunic dress: Indiska
Shoes: Sempre

My Marlene Birger shirt has been worn paired with almost anything and everything in my wardrobe. If it's not a safari theme adding my washed out cargo pants in a sandy green, it's lacy dress tunics and a somewhat see-through shirt from Save the Queen, pictured above. I love these types of finds, garments that become jackets, cover ups, lazy day wearers and perfectly added over a black dress for a night out. Thank you Marlene and huset-shop (it's still for sale) where I so successfully found you...


I am half way through my wardrobe and I feel completely lost. Take this Trelise Cooper jacket for example, just adorable in it's heaviness, over the top design and well covered by over sized multi-coloured sequins. But how many sparkly garments can I stack in my wardrobe? I remember the first time I saw it, in an old theater pop up store for my favorite New Zealand designer, Trelise Cooper and that jacket, one of the sellers were randomly and carelessly pairing it with a worn out t-shirt and a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans-it was perfect 'weak as I am for her designs' I just had to have it. It has currently moved to my downstairs wardrobe were clothes tend to be worn only on the very special of occasions...


Le loup and orange notes...

T-shirt dress-Slub Crew: Wilt
Knitted leggings: Andrea Moore
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens

It was such a beautiful day yesterday, cold with clear crispy air, starching blue skies and with a blooming orange hedge I just had to take some photos wearing my orange/copper-bird and favorite shirt of mine. I am as we speak busy clearing out my wardrobe and have made two gigantic piles so far, one : Toss and the other: Keep, well then it's those (I haven't worn you in a year but I like looking at you garments), admittedly they are still on their hangers. It's a bit tricky not knowing if I'd ever go back to my former self pre-pregnancy and hope that clothes marked S and S/M will be worn again. Can't help clinging on to my Swedish Hasbeens in a sort of tanned leather, they are so 'uncomfortable' but goes so well with a lot of my folklore pieces. Hm..another week of tripping over and then admire them in the hallway then...