Acne shoes from Oak...

Cardigan, Knit: Haute Hippie nude
Jeans: Karen Zambos Couture (Levis Strauss with a tweak)
Shoes: Acne

I got my Acne booties from Oaknyc, or New Oak as it amusingly said on the box. I'm pairing them with my realitivly new Karen Zambos jeans 'which actually is a pair of vintage Levis' and my favorite Haute Hippie Cardigan. I got two good news, the three samples that I approved looks amazing and I can't wait to receive the whole batch this Friday, my dressmaker promised that the entire collection would be finished this week, yay, and the second good news, receiving my very own pair of these adored Acne booties:-)...can anything beat the fresh smell of leather in a new pair of shoes?..


  1. Wow these booties are amazing! love them!!

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  2. Chic outfit! love the distressed jeans!!!
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