lost in immigration..

 Thermal leggings 'heavy knit', vintage sandals 'my so called golden belles' and a new tunic dress from The Warehouse 'who would have known?'..last: my whistle Alkemie necklace kindly sponsored from shopbop
 Bag from Clinique..'my old employer'an event gift..

I'm mocking around, passing time between the big drive down to busy Wellington and celebrating that I finally filed and piled all the papers to the "grumpiest lady by miles" placed at the local immigration office. Me: with slight excitement and a big smile (after preparing all the right evidence and medical tests, getting family and friends vouching for me  and my husbands relationship, which has taken a small 'forever')-This is a big day for me, I kept smiling..

She grunted as she saw me holding that big pile of papers. "So"..she looked at me leaning her face and head backwards in an angry tilt so that she could give me a better glance behind those reading glasses placed on the tip of her nose. "Yes" (mind that I was still smiling).."Well, take those papers out of that envelope, now"! She said it with such a strict tone that it instantly and most terribly brought me back to my school days and that menstrual teacher Barbro that smoked and curled her hair..After a few odd minutes watching the lady stamp my papers with aggravated force my hope of a quick easy process faded. I kept thinking about what UK Victoria told me, "It took me 14 months to get my Visa sorted, it was because of that *h..g lady that just made my life miserable, calling me while looking for any small faults that would cause major delay and then kept busy making time-consuming corrections". Victoria's word echoed as this lady, today of all days (when I turn up) was just that sort of *h..and here I am with the prospect of an 18 long months wait before my new Visa gets approved..As I walk out, a smile spreads on my face again, I wasn't her, I wasn't going to be her..ever..


ice cream and dreams....


My 'bell' sandals, a vintage find from Christchurch Sunday Market.. 
So, here I am busy eating while getting use to the idea of living in Wellington, the 'little big Capitol of New Zealand". At least for a promising 6 months as we calm our nerves from the ordeals in shaky earthquake prone Christchurch. I finally got my nude colored maxi dress, and from "The Warehouse" of all places, one of those uniquely, lovely and forever wearable and fabulous finds which my wardrobe was so hungry for..Combine that with a lace tank from Jay Jays (yes, girls over 30 can find something there too:-), add a Eco friendly necklace from Alkemie -much adored 'whistle necklace' and then my little 'bell sandals' and your set for a stroll along the pretty Wellington coastline..ice cream: 'cookies and cream' can you tell I love it..:-)

xx V


Morning glory..

The idea of summer sun is not feeling cold, so what am I doing shivering in the early hours of a really windy ice cold but (sunny) day? It was with a sudden urge for Elizabeth & James Textile-Kennedy Pullover Sweater, simply just finding an opportunity to wear it combined with my tobi shoe find.(I first wanted this sweater in cream white, as I could imagine it to be perfect combined with any navy denims or why not a sailor striped skirt) but in fact it was selling so fast that I couldn't bare the taught of missing out entirely. 
I love all things over-sized and high waisted right now..
Boots with shorts, and Rumi of course, Fashion Toast is my Bible!!
So, I froze my way through some of these photos, never the less happy to have found a little sheltered corner in my husbands 'parents' garden..long story, kept short there.
A.P C Madras Cutout Suede Booties from tobi, It sort of doesn't work. The toes showing, I mean, the idea was brilliant and as I saw it without any feet they where quickly turned into another 'must have' (I'm a real impulse buyer)..To 'save' them a little, I'll put some colorful socks on and the suede (to give a real thumbs up) is soo soft..

until next time..

Haute Hippie Looks..

Black Lace Flare wide leg pant: With Hearts in My Eyes 140 $
Antyhing Wildfox 

 Sand colored outfits from Chloe's spring collections paired with chunky silver and worn out leather.
 Braid it and fur it..
Messy knots and Clogs, mild washed out prints..
 Studded clogs..
 Embroidered tunics, white linen pants..
 High waisted Boot leg jeans..
'Native Indian' braided belts and accessories, round glasses
I feel like getting a casual hippie look right now. Layering my worn out pieces creating a sort of jour de vie again, hang some chunky stackers on my wrists like: crafted bangles, wood and metal clinging togheter and anything pamelalove, adding length to skirts, with anything 'vintage-looking' in lace on top (I have a little spaghetti tank top in lace that goes really well on top of any, yes 'top') then a leather vest (planning to go through some OP Shop's in town this weekend, probably and most likely I'll find fringed leather jackets with a funky smell and way to big shoulder pads for my liking, not that ripped and torned suede vets I intended to bargain )by the way, elizabeth & james has really pretty sunglass styles, "Lenox" or "Madison" (House of Harlow Harlow 1960 2011 S/S) which stock a green pair "Jordana" or purple..?Haven't decided if I'm a Rayban Wayfarer kind of girl or a sleek Karen Walker 'Helter Skelter' one..hm..until next post..