lost in immigration..

 Thermal leggings 'heavy knit', vintage sandals 'my so called golden belles' and a new tunic dress from The Warehouse 'who would have known?'..last: my whistle Alkemie necklace kindly sponsored from shopbop
 Bag from Clinique..'my old employer'an event gift..

I'm mocking around, passing time between the big drive down to busy Wellington and celebrating that I finally filed and piled all the papers to the "grumpiest lady by miles" placed at the local immigration office. Me: with slight excitement and a big smile (after preparing all the right evidence and medical tests, getting family and friends vouching for me  and my husbands relationship, which has taken a small 'forever')-This is a big day for me, I kept smiling..

She grunted as she saw me holding that big pile of papers. "So"..she looked at me leaning her face and head backwards in an angry tilt so that she could give me a better glance behind those reading glasses placed on the tip of her nose. "Yes" (mind that I was still smiling).."Well, take those papers out of that envelope, now"! She said it with such a strict tone that it instantly and most terribly brought me back to my school days and that menstrual teacher Barbro that smoked and curled her hair..After a few odd minutes watching the lady stamp my papers with aggravated force my hope of a quick easy process faded. I kept thinking about what UK Victoria told me, "It took me 14 months to get my Visa sorted, it was because of that *h..g lady that just made my life miserable, calling me while looking for any small faults that would cause major delay and then kept busy making time-consuming corrections". Victoria's word echoed as this lady, today of all days (when I turn up) was just that sort of *h..and here I am with the prospect of an 18 long months wait before my new Visa gets approved..As I walk out, a smile spreads on my face again, I wasn't her, I wasn't going to be her..ever..


  1. love it!!!


  2. nice dress!


  3. I like that dress a whole lot, the tiny floral pattern is so adorable for spring :)

    also, I JUST signed up for Bloglovin, I have NO idea what it is, haha, but I'm following you on it :) nice to meet you, by the way!

  4. Oooh, I'm loving those shoes :) Great dress too! And thanks for the comment on my blog! I use a Nikon D3100. Follow each other??


  5. I absolutely love your dress and lovely shiny shoes :)