Haute Hippie Looks..

Black Lace Flare wide leg pant: With Hearts in My Eyes 140 $
Antyhing Wildfox 

 Sand colored outfits from Chloe's spring collections paired with chunky silver and worn out leather.
 Braid it and fur it..
Messy knots and Clogs, mild washed out prints..
 Studded clogs..
 Embroidered tunics, white linen pants..
 High waisted Boot leg jeans..
'Native Indian' braided belts and accessories, round glasses
I feel like getting a casual hippie look right now. Layering my worn out pieces creating a sort of jour de vie again, hang some chunky stackers on my wrists like: crafted bangles, wood and metal clinging togheter and anything pamelalove, adding length to skirts, with anything 'vintage-looking' in lace on top (I have a little spaghetti tank top in lace that goes really well on top of any, yes 'top') then a leather vest (planning to go through some OP Shop's in town this weekend, probably and most likely I'll find fringed leather jackets with a funky smell and way to big shoulder pads for my liking, not that ripped and torned suede vets I intended to bargain )by the way, elizabeth & james has really pretty sunglass styles, "Lenox" or "Madison" (House of Harlow Harlow 1960 2011 S/S) which stock a green pair "Jordana" or purple..?Haven't decided if I'm a Rayban Wayfarer kind of girl or a sleek Karen Walker 'Helter Skelter' one..hm..until next post..


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