Morning glory..

The idea of summer sun is not feeling cold, so what am I doing shivering in the early hours of a really windy ice cold but (sunny) day? It was with a sudden urge for Elizabeth & James Textile-Kennedy Pullover Sweater, simply just finding an opportunity to wear it combined with my tobi shoe find.(I first wanted this sweater in cream white, as I could imagine it to be perfect combined with any navy denims or why not a sailor striped skirt) but in fact it was selling so fast that I couldn't bare the taught of missing out entirely. 
I love all things over-sized and high waisted right now..
Boots with shorts, and Rumi of course, Fashion Toast is my Bible!!
So, I froze my way through some of these photos, never the less happy to have found a little sheltered corner in my husbands 'parents' garden..long story, kept short there.
A.P C Madras Cutout Suede Booties from tobi, It sort of doesn't work. The toes showing, I mean, the idea was brilliant and as I saw it without any feet they where quickly turned into another 'must have' (I'm a real impulse buyer)..To 'save' them a little, I'll put some colorful socks on and the suede (to give a real thumbs up) is soo soft..

until next time..


  1. I love your sweater and it's great when shorts are a little slouchy! They're more comfortable! Great inspiration too! I love that Rumi's photo! And your hair looks beautiful! xoxoxoo

  2. Love your sweater! And the shorts in that second photo are amazinggggg :D

  3. Gorgeous look and pics!
    Love that sweater!


  4. I'm loving anything high-waisted right now, too!

  5. Hey!!! Thanks for visiting my blog!! Hope you'll come back! If you want to read it in English you just have to use the translating tool in the top left corner!!! Loved your blog too! Big hugs from Spain!!!

  6. Oh I love the outfit and the pictures :)
    I will be following you :)
    Nice blog.

    See you :)

  7. Love your grey sweater! great look :)


  8. Ugh, it's still snowing here even though it's well past spring! (ok, maybe not well past, but close enough). Lovely chunky knits...I really need a sweater like that. And cute boots!


  9. The chunky sweater is just what I need for our winter. Love it.

  10. i have the same sweater that i just blogged about!! looks great on you <3