Skulls and antlers..

As death becomes us, it seems like everywhere I look there's a little skull in a sparkly, shined up sort of presentation reminiscing life or perhaps the lack of it. I only taught that Pamela was single capturing these poor little creators heads, paws, claws and spines but as the has gone viral and seems to pread like wildfire there is now plenty of options (to my joy since I'm running a bit late wearing something like this) 
Tom Binns has made some pretty little 'skull jewelry', earrings, bracelets and necklaces..
I had a look at 'fineartamerica' and found a jewelry designer besides Tom B and Pamela Love that makes very skull jewelry, Michael Doyle. I have also fallen in love with mini antlers, well anything deer designed for that matter and could imagine pairing it wildly with pearls and vintage necklaces of different kinds, shapes and lengths. You can browse around Etsy, they have a great selection skull jewelry, little raven heads, teeth and anything bony and 'pretty & vintage' looking..

Happy Hunting..xx V


  1. Creeppy accesories :S But I love them at the same time. Maybe because Im an adult, when I was a little girl I used to be afrais of all those things (silly me ;)

    See you sweetie!

  2. I like so much all these weird jewellery, I want to wear them all!

    PS: I'm following you with bloglovin :)

    Luiza from Lifestyle Philosophy