wolly weekend's..

My fav Indian socks, picked up in Manali (actually, everyone at home got a pair by mail, different colors and shapes)..'brings back memories from when we where motorbiking in the Himalayas'
Still getting use to wearing my vintage engagement ring and the little wedding band..

Nothing beats a cheese toast and milk, really makes me feel like I'm home again, going through my mom's refrigerator in that magic after school hour between 3 and 4..

Being fashionable and warm doesn't really go hand in hand, and when it comes to taste and the ability to pair a simple outfit together, I have failed miserably. When buying a pair of 'non zip' pants on a recent sale at Millers in the taught that they would look great as 'sicilian' rolled up fisherman style pants I must have been out of my mind. Then comes the over size and very well knitted Norsewood sweater, don't get me wrong, it's a popular brand here in New Zealand and perfect for a 'wolly weekend' but as I stole this off my husband, how could I think that I would look 'young girlfriend' appealing all snuggled up in it?

Instead there was a sort of 'old lady' no taste vibe about the whole outfit and even tough there's no fancy event to go tough and I don't actually have to care.. it sits so deep in me, the need of feeling 'well coordinated' and sort of proud of my appearance. Maybe this weekend placed in the outskirts of another outskirt will be a real remedy. While browsing in my vintage and much adored Adidas bag I found my Club Monaco sheepskin gloves..that, at the very least is warm and 'lovely' in the same breath..

P.S. I'm loving that my husbands parents home is 'primped out', in a 70's let's keep it this way sort of style. The thick carpets, the quirky animal statues and brown velour coaches, the stain glass slightly shaped, thick and yellow which reminds me of rain, it was all simply to adorable to pass on..

Keep warm out there..xx V

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  1. Oh everything in this post makes me thing in a confortable weekend in the mountain :)
    Cute post.
    See you :)