elisanero boots..clog on

So here I am, obsessed again and asking myself "why am I browsing around finding myself in a need for yet another wardrobe must" .Well, Elisanero 90 Woven Calf Hair Boots are well worth day dreaming about, chunky wood heels, the perfect braided and distressed leather (I imagine them to be so soft ) the price however leaves little to my imagination except all the travels and weekends away I could do instead of trooping around in this pair? But can you imagine all those weekends in them?

Desire is an unfortunate state for my bare wallet.  
xx V


  1. I feel ya! So many thing I'd buy if I had the money. These shoes would look so gorgeous with some distressed denim!

  2. I know what are you talking about, I mean we all know those feelings "our wishes v/s the reality"

    Pretty shoes!
    See you and have a nice wednesday :D

  3. Oh those are gorgeous!! Great blog by the way, love all your fun, edgy finds :)

  4. These are so bohemian, I love them! Gorgeous items like this should come with travels attached, that way we wouldn't have to choose ;D
    My Miu Miu must-have is postponed until Christmas so I can go to Barcelona first, why do they make us choose? :(


  5. That sounds great, I added you to my blog list! Thanks so much for stopping by to see my jewelry! :)