my haute hippie..

Finally it arrived, after missing the post guy with 15 minutes I ended up calling and re sending the parcel to another shop, it's so much to get used to in a new place, anyways..I got it!

The sun's out and I am busy unpacking a million boxes while planning little adventures like romantic bicycle rides along this new found coastline of mine..I can't wait to get more acquainted with this bay town, saying hi to the local dairy owner, smiling at the fish and chip family and reading up on the dive and surf club across the street. I love the sea, the rough weathered houses and the fresh brisk air streaming in over the waves bringing smells reminiscing of summer days and seaweed. I was wearing my new haute hippie looped cardigan with rag doll effects, can't help loving it and eager pairing it with all sorts of outfits, printed dresses, clean basics and all my leggings, it's simply fantastic and so soft. I'm wearing Low Luv Erin Wasson's new jewelry collection, I have been in the hunt for a new fedora with a small barrette perhaps cream, grey or well black goes with everything, right? I did settle for a Charlie Chaplin looking design..mm don't we just love new pieces in the wardrobe and yes, good weather for that matter.

Hope that the sun is shining on you too..xx V

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  1. Yes! the sun is shinning on me too!!
    You look cute, and it seems that we are two happy persons in the world! yeah!!

    See you sweetie!