the job..

Wearing what? Vintage china coat, from my thrift adventure last week (Cuba Street) Purple/Black stockings from Farmers, high waist button skirt from Tiger of Sweden, Black shirt from Glassons, Jewelry Alkemie Whistle, Rhinestone vintage leather ballerinas are from ebay..

The weather and my mood goes hand in hand and this is a particularly lovely day, even tough the 'always present' wind makes it hard to have any decent hair due or type of smooth silky shiny hair. I am just saying that since no photos shows that conditioned sheen that I'm after or is it time for a hair cut and some drastic changes? Ever since I set foot here in this sea town of mine I have been busy job hunting. 

It's hard being the new one and I have done several 'floor' trials hating the fact that the 'boss' wants to see my ability without me knowing anything about the stocks position and the fit of them, I have been using so much imagination that half would be enough and it's been well successful, then it comes down to me not being sure if that job is perfect or not, should I try this one instead..so it's been a miss match of different clothing brands and locations lately and I almost feel like I would be better off with the job offer I had as I started off..hm..well, the Easter has brought a well deserved break and then suddenly my birthday turned up, and here I am on a Saturday morning blogging when I should lay in bed eating cake and thinking about what I actually did with my life or the years that has passed..ha, the blogging is slightly more appealing. I will however crawl back soon just to get one last spooning with my husband...

Have a great Easter to you all and give and receive.."lots of candy and eggs" xx V


  1. Awww, thankyou so much for your lovely words on my blog! I really appreciate it :) I'm following you! Your blog is so lovely and i love thrifted things, those shoes are adorable! come back soon xoxo www.avenuemaria.blogspot.com

  2. Thanks for your comment sweetheart! I bought the kimono in Zara.
    Love the color of this jacket :)