the working outfit..

Low Luv, Erin Wasson necklace
 I am between jobs right now and busy getting my act together (even if I rather sew, design, sew) anyways, I have been stressing what to wear lately, keeping busy between so many interviews and trials that I have been wearing most favorite outfits twice.

With nothing left for this half day 'trial' I slabbed on a 2707 white tunic mini dress-works well with leggings and my old cream colored vest-thank god, and my soft Malorie shoes from House of Harlow, a pair of snake skin printed leggings and a rag and shag cardigan, it's from Temt but I keep referring it to that name..my Marc Jacobs sunnies didn't make it to the interview but well kept in the bag and well used afterwards. Another meet-up tomorrow and then I'll know if this job is the best one (I keep turning them down as if nothing really feels really good enough, with that said I have to see it for what it is, a job)..

I'll keep you posted:-)xx V