This photo that I randomly and luckily snapped at a Christmas party (the kids were blowing soap bubbles, I know) captures the essence of what I want my wardrobe to look like. Slightly ghostly, current with notes of electric blue, white and soft mossy greens.
I really am a wildwood green (the style/color of this silk sort of bed jacket) and admittedly; embroidery, vintage prints, frills, lace and studded while 'slightly used' boots makes my heart skip. I probably need more clean cut single colored garments and basics but I can't help buying garments in prints. Here is one of my favorite buys (got it in 2010 but it's still rocki'n my wardrobe), it's the Opy Jacket from Winter Kate...one of those pieces that weigh nothing so it's easy to pack, throw on over a dress or a slouchy T-shirt paired with shorts, it's already been well used here in New Zealand and on my very romantic honeymoon in Paris...

Photo from flairtoremember.blogspot.com

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