saying goodbye to my Swede's...

Planet Blue Aztec jacket
The Warehouse shirt
Alexander Wang shorts
Swedish Hasbeens shoes

I wasn't super excited when the weather turned from scorching sunny days (wearing nothing but havianas and over sized T-shirts) to wet, windy and overall so miserable that I'm forcing myself to step outside.
I snapped a few photos wearing a Planet Blue Aztec printed furry and very warm jacket paired with my way to small and soon to be on sale; Swedish Hasbeens. I fell in love with the tanned leather and the prospects of being able to wear them to basically any event and with any garment, from washed out boyfriend jeans to a sequin dress. "In any weather" is probably too much to ask of them tough, trying the comfort level on a day like this resulted in; no way..that and the fact that they have never fitted me properly even tough the seller convinced me that leather stretches. Well how many hours can you bare limping around while working in one of the high end shops in Wellington. So, they you have it, are the clogs are being rejected and replaced, but it's an reluctant sale as they are way to pretty to be without and I'm going to miss watching them neatly placed next to all the slightly torn and stretched shoes that I'm actually using...

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